Sunday, September 21, 2008

People , Place and Time

There might be some more people apart from me , who tend to reflect on their lives several times a day. For many years I have tried to recollect my earliest memories and that happen to be when I was something like three years old. Back then in the place I was , had good insulation from the outside world. Like thousands of villages in India , back then things around me seldom changed. Just like they say .. Ignorance is bliss.

Looking back at my life gave me feeling of warmth, the nostalgic warmth that you can create any time you want. It helped me survive the long sermons and Sunday mass. During travel , when you had no book or good company in hand, these recollection of memories kept one busy. By the time I reached college I became a pro in this, so much so that I could name most of the advertisements they showed in DD 15 to 20 years back. The recollection exercise pulled out movies, songs, books, and stories out of oblivion. These formed the backdrop(background music as well) to good times that you had as a child. Living amongst cousins and uncles was great fun. Living in a village means playgrounds were available.

Many a times we will have to leave behind people , places or both which were close to our hearts That these were invaluable is often realized , when we are away from them. When we hear that there is reunion of the loved ones , our heart yearns to be there. It is this nostalgic drive that tempt us to attend high school reunions, sidelining other engagements. Unfortunately I have found that time takes a toll (change) on people and places that we left behind. Reunions fail to recreate the old magic.I have eagerly awaited the arrival of cousins and uncles, with whom I had great time during my childhood. With a mind full of cherished memories and plans to bring the old times back, I reach them. Its changed people in changed situations that welcomes me. These can be called the inevitabilities of life. The new situations might create new magic and new memories to be cherished, but the old ones become the real life counterparts of irreproducible bugs in software.


Neena Padayatty said...

"Yes;there are in the backward past
Soft hours to which we turn-
Hours which, at distance, mildly shine,
Shine on, but never burn."

-"A Walk by Moonlight",H.L.V.Derozio

Waiting to see the cake complete with the icing and toppings :-)

Merin said...

you r right....change is an inevitable elment in life....n so are memories...good work!

Ajith said...

Some memories, will stay till we die. those are the ones which gives us energy while running this rat race which will never end.

I still remember this song from DD, which brings back memories,,,,"mile sur mera tumhara"

Lenses said...

The last line made me true, so typical of you to link things with one wud not think of..:)

Asha said...
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